Hello, world and/or the very few of you weirdos reading.

Hi, my name is Corey. I live in Philadelphia. I’m a single thirtysomething year old women, who lives alone with her two ridiculous cats. I teach yoga full-time and have dreams of becoming a writer. Time will tell. In the meantime, I love teaching. I read as much as I can and am a person that deeply loves what I love. As cool as I’d like to pretend I am, at heart – I am too much of a fan of things; a creature of passions. So, ultimately, a geek of different varieties. This doesn’t mean I’m not also a critic. But, I’m looking forward to writing about the things I love — mostly that will be books; but I’m sure you’ll hear about other things as well. This blog is purely for my own enjoyment. I hope a handful of you others may enjoy, too. Thank you!

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